Nurturing Faith in Our Children 

Sunday School

Nurturing faith in children is a critical piece of our ministry at Faith Lutheran Church. We are blessed to have many young families and lots of children with us each week. Sunday School is offered for Toddlers, Preschoolers, AK-Kindergarteners, Elementary, Middle School, and High School each week during the school year. 

We always welcome visitors, so feel free to bring your children to join us. We begin Sunday School with an Opening Celebration for all ages in the Sanctuary. From there, our middle school and high schoolers head off to their classrooms while the rest of our children enter a VBS style rotation model called SPARK. It's lots of fun and fast moving, storytelling, music, and crafts fill the hour. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Danny via e-mail.

Sunday School Calendar

17 Sunday School Schedule

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Pre & Elementary,
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Sunday School Locations

Sanctuary -- Sunday School Openings at 9:10 AM   

Nursery -- Toddler & Pre-School

Classroom 1 -- Bible & Motion Station

Classroom 2 -- Craft & Creativity Station

Classroom 3 -- Middle School Class

Sunday School Teaching Schedule -- signup poster is next to the Choir Room

Youth Room -- Sr. High Group

Family Center -- Available for games and activities that need elbow room.  Snacks and drinks are ready at 10:15 AM.  Intergenerational Sunday School (6th grade to adults) meets once a quarter in the Family Center.

Each classroom has Craft Trays stocked with basic materials.  Check for additional materials in the Sunday School Cabinet in the Family Center.  Please, return materials from the cabinet each Sunday.  Depending on what the teacher plans, they may need to procure materials which will be reimbursed.  

Sunday School Curriculum 

Spark Rotation (Augsburg Fortress Publishing) provides eight workshop rotation options for each Bible story. In this model, kids spend more than one week on a Bible story and lessons draw from different workshop each week in order to experience that same story from different perspectives.

For kids in Kindergarten to Grade 5, each workshop rotation is focused on a rich Bible story or group of Bible stories about particular characters. Workshop rotations include Art, Bible Skills and Games, Computer Lab, Cooking, Creative Drama, Music, Science, and Video. Preschoolers experience an in-room rotation with Storytelling, Art, Snack, Music and Game stations.  Materials are available from download via Dropbox.

Faith's Middle School youth use Augsburg's Here We Stand Confirmation and Re:Form materials that reinforce lessons from Wednesday's Confirmation.  Our Sr. High young adults explore the intersection of faith and the world with the ELCA's Faith Lens lectionary based Bible study.

Sunday School Opening

Sunday School begins at 9:10 AM with announcements.  Older youth and Faith's adult volunteers will entertain the group with a skit that illustrates the Daily Theme.  Our Music Team will lead songs and joyful motion.  Opening Leaders will use the Spark materials for Creative Openings.

Opening Music Leader

Song Leader and musicians will teach and lead group in songs that engage and reinforce the Daily Theme.   

Toddler - Preschool Leader

The Toddler & Preschool class participates in the Sunday School Opening every Sunday, and then proceeds to the Nursery.  The Spark curriculum provides detailed activities, but the leaders need to prep every week.  Leaders can select from any of the Spark materials for the unit.

Craft & Creativity Leaders  

The Craft & Creativity Leaders (two or three teams) signup by units.  During each unit, leaders can use the Spark materials for the Art Workshop, Coloring Pages, Cooking Workshop and Science Workshop.  The Spark curriculum provides detailed activities, but the leaders need to prep every week.  Depending on what the teacher plans, they may need to procure materials which will be reimbursed.

Bible & Motion Leaders

Bible & Motion Leaders (two or three teams) signup by units.  During each unit, leaders can use the Spark materials for the Bible Skills Workshop, Games Workshop, Creative Drama Workshop and Music Workshop.  Depending on what the teacher plans, they may need to procure materials which will be reimbursed.

Rotation Shepherds 

Rotation Shepherds accompany their group of children through the rotation each week, helping the leaders as necessary. Depending on the number of children that have been attending in a particular group, it may be possible to rotate with another shepherd from week to week. There is no prep work necessary with this position —just an open mind and an enthusiastic spirit!

Sunday School Committee

The Sunday School Committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM. The committee does not usually meet during the summer months. The meetings usually run between 30-60 minutes. The Sunday School Committee addresses any current issues and needs within the program and plans upcoming events (like the Lenten Project and the Christmas Program). Sometimes the Sunday School Committee members have finite duties related to the Sunday School Projects.  All Sunday School volunteers are invited to attend our monthly planning and visioning meetings. 

Wednesday Night Live

WNL Booklet & Calendar  

WNL Tuition & Scholarship Form

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     Pre & Elementary, 
Middle School, High School, Volunteers

2013-05-01 036

Have you ever thought about the people who made a difference in your life when you were a child? Who was it that modeled faith for you? How did you learn the stories of faith?

Whether you were blessed by experiences like these or not, you need to know that Faith Lutheran Church offers a program called Wednesday Night Live and through this program your children will learn the stories of faith and experience the unconditional caring and nurturing of volunteers and pastors who invite young people to explore the intersection of God’s amazing love and daily life.

So, who’s Wednesday Night Live for? All children and youth in grades 2 through 12 are welcome to join us each week. Specific schedules will follow in this booklet.

What happens at Wednesday Night Live? An evening of adventure! Learning, sharing stories, talking about what God’s Word and love mean for us, fun fellowship, hanging out together, sharing a meal, praying and laughing and worshiping together.

Our goal is to share in caring conversations, empower children and youth to lead lives of practical discipleship by learning how to talk about God and about the story of God’s people and His love, and to create an environment that includes and values all. We hope you will join us for the journey each week from 5:00-7:00 PM, high school youth group to follow at 7:30 PM.

Confirmation from 5:30-6:20 PM.  Dinner starts at 6:30 PM.  High School Youth Group starts at 7:30 PM in the Youth Room, and they have homework and recreation time from 7:00 to 7:30 PM   

Vacation Bible School & Day Camp

VBS and Day Camp return July 9, 2018!  VBS is for youth from 3-year-olds to children entering kindergarten and runs from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Monday to Thursday.  Day Camp is for youth entering 1st grade to 6th grade and runs from Monday to Friday.

Faith Lutheran Church - 155 Boyson Road, Marion, IA 52302 - 319.377.9700