Intergenerational Youth & Family Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church

“A faith-formation paradigm limited to religious instruction for children and a youth group for high school students no longer equips one generation to effectively pass on the faith to the next generation. A paradigm shift is needed - one that results in a more comprehensive approach and fosters faith through experiences in the family, the congregation, the community, and the culture.”  - Merton P. Strommen PhD & Richard A. Hardel, DMin

Faith Lutheran Church stands on the threshold of an excellent opportunity. Our congregation is planted in just the right place, at just the right time and we are blessed with children, youth, and families of all ages. The Christian faith has been fading from presence in our culture for several years, yet we remain as a glimmer of hope for the passing on of faith.  

As we consider the responses to our Listening Posts of early 2010, what we find is that the people of Faith Lutheran Church desire a church that ministers to all ages, that identifies the gifts of each member, and seeks to pass on the traditions of our faith to children,  youth, and families. It is our sincere hope to meet these desires through a comprehensive ministry approach that honors the important definitions of youth and family ministry included in this document and through an exploration of the possibilities for ministry across the generations which teaches and empowers families to pass on the faith to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all of those who watch and learn the faith evidenced in how we all live our lives.  

We invite you to read this document and engage the leadership of Faith Lutheran Church in meaningful dialog around this material as we seek to be faithful to God’s mission in this place.

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