Four Keys for Nurturing Faith

1. Caring Conversation

Christian values and faith are passed on to the next generation through supportive conversation. Listening and responding to the daily concerns of our children, makes it easier to have meaningful conversation regarding the love of God and is itself a way to express God’s love to others.

2. Devotional Life

To pass on the Christian faith to children, youth and adults, individuals need to learn the Christian message and Biblical story as their own story. Christianity shapes the whole of one’s life and, therefore, involves a lifetime of Christian study, reflection and prayer.

3. Service

Children, youth and adults are more likely to be influenced by those who walk the talk. The Christian talk is expressed in the Good Samaritan story. The action of the talk becomes a walk, a way of life, which communicates the care of others, and especially the care of those in need. Service projects are best done with family members and other intergenerational contact from a faith community.

4. Rituals and Traditions

Daily routines, celebrations, and other ways families choose to identify who they are and tell their family stories speak volumes about what the family values, believes and promotes.
-Values & Faith by Larson and Larson, pg. 11

(Developed by the Youth and Family Institute)

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