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2018-12-05 014

Have you ever thought about the people who made a difference in your life when you were a child? Who was it that modeled faith for you? How did you learn the stories of faith?

Whether you were blessed by experiences like these or not, you need to know that Faith Lutheran Church offers a program called Wednesday Night Live and through this program your children will learn the sto- ries of faith and experience the unconditional caring and nurturing of volunteers and pastors who invite young people to explore the intersection of God’s amazing love and daily life.

So, who’s Wednesday Night Live for? All children and youth in grades 2 through 12 are welcome to join us each week. Specific schedules will follow in this booklet.

What happens at Wednesday Night Live? An eve- ning of adventure! Learning, sharing stories, talking about what God’s Word and love mean for us, fun fellowship, hanging out together, sharing a meal, praying and laughing and worshiping together.

Our goal is to share in caring conversations, em- power children and youth to lead lives of practical discipleship by learning how to talk about God and about the story of God’s people and His love, and to create an environment that includes and values all. We hope you will join us for the journey. 

Wednesday Night Live Nightly Schedule

5:00 PM — Recreation
PM -- Classes for 2nd Grade to Confirmation
PM -- Dinner (often hosted by Sr. High Team)
PM -- Monthly Worship
PM -- Sr. High Recreation
7:30 - 8:30 
PM -- Sr. High Group

Faith Lutheran Church - 155 Boyson Road, Marion, IA 52302 - 319.377.9700